Right Now……….

m.t projectListening….to my 7 year old brother read to me.

Eating….curly fries.


Wearing….my state champs shirt and a pair of American Eagle jeans.

Feeling….tired and ready for bed.

Weather….snow and icy roads.

Wanting….to have another snow day.

Needing….for Christmas break to come sooner.

Thinking….how cold it is and, that I need a blanket.

Enjoying….the fact that Christmas is only 9 days away.

Wondering….if we will have school Friday. 

Bad news always comes with good news

  • The bad news is that basketball is all most over.
  • The good news is that the state games start this Saturday!
  • The bad news is that I have been sick since Thanksgiving.
  • The good news is that I should be getting over it any day now.
  • The bad news is that winter is coming.
  • The good news is that winter means snowmobile riding , and sledding.
  • The bad news is that I need 6 more reading count points.
  • The good news is that I already have 19 points.
  • The bad news is that there is no more basketball practices or games.
  • The good news is that track is on its way.

Free Advice

1. The day you get an assignment from your teacher,what ever you do don’t wait till the last night.Get it done then or do a little each day until the task is completed.(Learned from past exprience.)

2.When a new quarter starts up and you don’t think you need to worry about getting your points,you are kinda right and kinda wrong. I will agree with you any day that it is nice to take a brake from reading but, once again you don’t want to wait till the last night to read 200 pages. (Which has happened to me.)

3. Always eat a good breakfast in the morning, or else your stomach will be growling first through sixth hour.(Like mine is now.)

4.When your grandparents ask you what you want for Christmas always tell them something .If you don’t they will end up gettiing you a shirt that goes to your elbows and pants that go to ankles.

5.If you ever get the chance to go to Branson,Missouri,take it because,it will be the best decision you ever made.

6.When you are first learning to ride a dirt bike stay far away from your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.Every lap that you run give it your 110%.

8.My mothers biggest modo is if you don’t like it at the store then don’t buy it.

9.Make the most of every day,and get done what you can do tomorrow today.

10.If you ever get the chance to live on a farm, do it

I am….

  • I am missing: summer, and swimming every day.
  • I am smiling: all the time ,when am I not?
  • I am running: to prepare for the track season.
  • I am accepting: my parents won’t give me a phone until I am 16.
  • I am watching: the office every night at 9:00.
  • I am making: my shot better for basketball.
  • I am craving: our families annual Thanksgiving dinner!   
  • I am loving: 7th grade ,its so different than 6th.
  • I am anticipating: the regional game this saturday is going to be really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am listening: to Coach Garner call me chicken wings, because I can’t get my darn elbows in.
  • I am happy:because school is almost half over.